About Us

Our company assorts various kinds of promotional products like greeting cards, bags, pens, towels and T-shirts. We are dealing with new products daily to introduce to our clients.
Also, fabric article like aprons, caps, and uniforms are loved to the clients themselves.
We are grateful if you will consider our items for your next promotion proposal.
Please feel free to contact us for quote when you have opportunities to do promotional events or exhibition.
弊社では、季節のご挨拶にお使い頂ける各種カード、カレンダー、またはバッグ、ペン、タオル、Tシャツなどプロモーショングッズを幅広く取り揃えております。 日々入荷される新商品類も随時取り扱い、ご紹介させて頂いております。
Ichiro Yamazaki
(310) 354-9010
[email protected]

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